Pre-Approved Car Finance

At, we have helped thousands of Aussies access pre-approved car finance. You can start your application online now, or contact one of our brokers to initiate the process of finding great value car finance that’s right for you.

If you don’t know what pre-approved car finance is; no problem read on for quick answers. This finance is convenient and has several advantages over the traditional process.

How Pre-Approved Finance Works

In a typical car application process: First, you shop for a car and source for a loan later. During pre-approval it’s the opposite, you secure a loan and then shop for the vehicle. The process follows these steps:

Step 1: Collate Documents & Apply Online

We require copies of your payslip, income statements, assets, and proof of work history among others. You need to prove that you can pay back the loan. Our online application prompts you to supply all the relevant information we need for your pre-approved car finance. It also enables our brokers to compile your lending profile and determine which type of loan will be best for your personal circumstances.

Start your online application here.

Step 2: Our Broker Will Contact You (or you can call us!)

Once you’ve applied online, our consultants will steer you in the right direction by finding the most competitive rates. They come up with a list of potential lenders and recommend the best loan product based on your personal situation.

Step 3: Conditional Approval

After applying for the loan, you are given conditional approval. That means the lender specifies the maximum amount you can borrow. Some lenders also have conditions on the model of the car.

Step 4: Shopping for the Car

Finally, knowing the maximum loan amount you have been pre-approved for gives you the ability to proceed with the purchase of a car the same day you find it.

Simply find the car that fits the amount of funding approved by the lender, get a tax invoice from the vendor (private sales) or dealership  .

Benefits of Pre-Approved Car Finance

Before the start of the buying process, you already know how much you have available to spend. This not only boosts your confidence but your ability to quickly secure your desired car. Note that pre-approved loans have a limited duration before they expire.

Why Use Pre-Approved Car Finance

Pre-approved loans will smooth the buying process.

If two people wish to purchase the same vehicle, the individual with pre-approved finance is the candidate most likely to secure the car as they don’t need to wait 24-48 hours to secure finance – they are a more attractive buyer to the seller.

It’s likely you will have less pressure (or reliance on finance available directly through the dealer), but more importantly you could potentially avoid high-interest rates because Aussie Loans have access to competitively priced car loans due to our buying power.

Discover your lender options by speaking with one of our brokers. We ensure that you receive the best competitive rates based on your personal situation.

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