Car Finance Bad Credit

Need car finance bad credit? You’ve come to the right place.

Are you in a difficult situation where the big banks have turned down your car loan application?

Have you spoken to mates who are in the same situation and have struggled to get car finance?

Do you have a poor credit history with defaults or outstanding loans?


The good news is, we have options for everyone. If you don’t have a credit score, have defaulted on loans or filed for bankruptcy in the past, depending on your personal circumstances it’s highly likely you can still access competitive rates from certain car finance bad credit lenders through




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Powered by Aussie Loans, you can expect good old fashioned service from Our team of experienced car finance brokers take the hassle out of securing your next vehicle loan.

While financial institutions may view your credit history as a high risk, we can work with you and find car loan terms and a repayment plan that will suit your situation. And we know which lenders are better positioned to help those with a poor credit history.

Tips to Improve Your Credit History For A Car Loan

Repairing and fixing a damaged credit score takes anywhere from 5-7 years. That is the period a previous default clears from your credit history.

However, there are a couple of ways you can secure a car loan sooner rather than later, and also help you to lock in lower interest rates.

  1. If you currently owe any debts, have a clear plan to repay them and follow this through. Enter into a formalised agreement with creditors to pay off the debt over time. Current and future financiers will deem you responsible and trust you by offering lower rates.


  1. When borrowing, keep the amount low. If you have any credit lines you don’t use close them; and lower the credit limit on existing credit lines. However, ensure to make repayments on time and don’t max your credit cards.


  1. Check the details. Sometimes a bad credit report results from an error in your report. A slight mistake like a misspelt name may affect the score.


  1. Project stability and confidence in your financial track record. Sick of getting rejected for loans. You need to demonstrate that you are reliable, so pay off all loans no matter the amount.


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